About Lucksunny

Lucksunny is a leading brand of full spectrum saunas and an innovative technology manufacturing company. Lucksunny Health Technology Co., Ltd. takes full-spectrum health management technology as the core, integrates the world leading health technology and the essence of Chinese health culture, and develops a full-spectrum sauna room to take sauna fitness functions to a new level.


Lucksunny professional R & D team adheres to the "innovation-based" concept and cooperates with many health research institutions and domestic research institutes around the world to ensure that full-spectrum health management technology always leads the industry. Lucksunny design team takes "customer first", implements localization strategy globally, cooperates with multi-national designers, and successively develops more than 50 new products suitable for different countries and regions.


Lucksunny has a professional sauna production base, leading high-end manufacturing with technological research and development, using innovative log processing technology, intelligent temperature control technology and integrated assembly technology to create high-quality boutique saunas, which are deeply favored by the global pursuit of high-end healthy living Favored by people, the products are exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, North America and the Middle East.


Vision: Bring good luck and healthy sunshine to every family.
Mission: To provide tasteful and healthy life for families around the world with full spectrum health management core technology.
Values: customer first, innovation-oriented, keep promises, build quality.